VELA has always embraced culture, so incorporating it into this campaign was nothing new, however this time around we decided to embrace it even more through these photos. The Neutral Solids campaign was about embracing each woman for what she defines herself as. In this campaign you’re able to see what that girl is beautiful for. The scarves from the collection perfectly drape into the girls wardrobe which compliments her features and enhances her style.

The vision

Working with Adeib and creatively directing the photoshoot together was very artistically challenging (in a good way.) We really kept trying to push each others artistic limit. All of the shots planned we wanted them with the same alternative, which was a fresh weird take on shots people weren’t used to seeing from VELA. In the end we wanted the shots to look like a united group of badass women with abstract poses. We did different unity looks from stacking heads, to having two girls holding one bouquet and having the models comfortable to lean on each other.

Details are everything

Another cohesive theme we pulled at this photoshoot was incorporating dead flowers. There’s something about dead flowers that I find so much beauty in. It represents the beauty in death. Regardless of what died in you, sometimes its the death of relationships, the death of your innocence, the death of an ending chapter in your life or the death of a loved one; there is so much strength and beauty that comes from mourning that no other life lesson can teach. Mourning is often looked at as a weak point, but for me, when I see people go through pain they’re the strongest I have ever seen them because they are going through the motions and allowing that pain to happen. In the end, the beauty of death is that you become wiser with a new outlook on life from it.

So here’s a shout out to all of my strong and beautiful dead roses,

Marwa Atik

Marwa Atik

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