Even though my destination to Aussie happened back in 2016, I still recall it to be one of the most memorable vacations I have ever had. Maybe because it was the first big cousin trip to a whole diff continent, I felt like an adult but still lowkey child cause lets face it, when you’re with your cousins you’re back to being 13 again.

I highly recommend Australia to anyone that wants to experience both tropical island and the big city feel! If you go to Aussie, you cant leave without seeing The Great Barrier Reef or going to one of their destination Islands (we went to Hamilton Island). I’m gonna cut this blog short and insert photos from our highlights.

p.s scroll down if you want to see a list of my favorite spots to go to in Sydney and Whitney Islands!

Whitsunday Islands

Our island destination of choice was Hamilton Island! I’m gonna be honest, this was all planned out by my cousins husband so I kinda just went along with everything.. but looking back at it I could see why he selected this location. The Whitsunday Islands are consisted of multiple islands that you take boat rides to. So Hamilton was the spot tourist stay and then each day take a boat to the neighboring islands and go island hoping. Whitsunday Islands is literally consisted of so many hidden gems and islands so the activities and places to explore are endless. I cant wait to go back again inshallah.

The places we visited were Whitehaven Beach and The Great Barrier Reef.

Places to go in Sydney + Whitsunday Islands:

  • Whitehaven Beach (beautiful sand banks, I recommend taking a boat and going there during sunset time when the tide is low and you can see the banks.)
  • One Tree Hill  on Hamilton Island (this is the Island we booked the hotel at and from there we took various boat rides to the neighboring islands)
  • The Great Barrier Reef  (try to ask locals for the best ones cause often times the most visited ones by tourist are unfortunately damaged)
  • The Grounds of Alexandria
  • Bondi Beach
  • Blue Mountain, Sydney
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